It takes quality ingredients to create quality food. Roam brings together the finest producers in their respective crafts; farmers, ranchers, growers, bakers and artisans.

Pacific Pastures Raised by small, independent ranchers in northern California’s scenic Eel River Valley, Pacific Pastures 100% grass-fed beef is all-natural, nutrient-rich and produced without the use of antibiotics or hormones.

Grazed year-round on 5,000 acres of lush, green, pesticide-free farmland, Pacific Pastures cows are born and bred under exceptionally healthy and humane conditions that reflect the company’s commitment to responsible farm management. The animals are raised among giant Redwood trees with Pacific Ocean views in green grasslands of sub-irrigated clover and rye grass – a diet that produces a healthier herd.

Dietary benefits of Pacific Pastures grass-fed cattle include more essential Omega-3 fatty acids (two to four times the nutrients found in grain-fed beef) as well as a higher level of vitamins E, C and Beta-Carotene.

Diestel Family Turkey RanchSince 1949, Jack Diestel and his family have raised all-natural, premium quality turkeys at their sustainably-farmed, 400-acre Sierra Foothills Ranch. The Diestel family has a century of experience in turkey ranching and has mastered the craft of producing top-notch turkeys with the level of flavor that can only develop over time. Compared to the industry standard, the ranch allows the birds an additional two months of growth and development. These time-honored, labor-intensive practices contribute to the reason why Diestel Ranch is one of the last small family-owned turkey growing operations in the United States. By walking the flock on a daily basis, Jack Diestel devotes the utmost attention to the birds’ health.


Great Range Bison Colorado’s Great Range bison are raised on open pastures in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. The bison graze on lush green grass and their vegetarian diet is supplemented with natural grains and hay. This premium quality meat is naturally lean, full-flavored, and produced without the use of hormones or antibiotics. A health-conscious option, bison has less fat and fewer calories than conventionally raised beef.


Straus Family Creamery Located in picturesque Marshall, CA, this family-owned organic creamery produces wholesome, award-winning dairy products including milk, ice cream, European-style butter, sour cream and yogurts. Established in 1994 by Albert Straus, the creamery was the first dairy west of the Mississippi to achieve certified organic status. The rich-tasting products are made with milk from the Straus’s own farm, and nine other family owned dairies in western Marin and Sonoma counties. Straus Family Creamery maintains collaborative relationships with dairy farmers, offering stable prices and predictability in what can be a volatile marketplace.  Straus Family Creamery is committed to supporting sustainable, environmentally sound practices in farming and food processing.

Pacific Coast Baking Company In 1978, “Wild Bill” Esposto physically built and opened a bakery in San Mateo, California, at which he learned the artisan baking trade from the ground, up. With three locations and pastry-making skills under his belt by 1983, Wild Bill decided to try his hand at baking bread to supply to his family’s deli. He pioneered the Dutch Crunch roll, and his business blossomed into an artisan, wholesale bakery that produces fresh breads daily.